Here is a small collection of the photographs I have taken over the years. Most are from my travels, and are taken as if they are used in a travel log. Others are from areas near my home that I find especially appealing. I hope that you enjoy them. As I add more photographs, I will place them at the top to make it easier to notice the new photos. To see any of these pictures in a larger format, just click on the image.

Just a reminder, all images are Copyright Jeffrey D. Ollis and all rights are reserved.

This page was last modified on June 15, 1997.


This was our sunrise balloon ride over the Napa Valley vineyards.

A Sonoma vineyard.

This is a garden at the Honolulu airport. You can see an aircraft in the background.

Diamondhead Crater on Oahu from Waikiki.

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel. My wife's grandfather stayed here as a member of the US Olympic Team on their way to the Melbourne games. He arrived wearing his swim suit under his clothes. He took off his outer clothing in the lobby, left them in a corner, and went directly to the beach.

Hawai'i is known for its beauty. This waterfall is found on the road to Hana. This road is legendary on Maui. It was only a 60 mile trip, but took us over 4 hours. The road has over 600 curves (many of them hairpin), and over 50 one lane bridges. Many people (most of whom sell tickets for helicopter rides) try to dissuade visitors from taking the trip, but it was worth it.

This is the chanter at the lu'au we went to in Lahaina. This lu'au is considered the most authentic of the lu'aus offered.

Sunrise at Haleakala, Maui. Everyone says that this is one site that is a must see. Not wanting to be the only ones missing out, we made the trek. We got up at 2:00 AM to make the drive to the 10,000 foot summit in time for sunrise. The temperature dropped at least 30 degrees and the winds were very strong. But the site was worth it. Afterwards we learned that the sunsets are just as good, and a whole lot easier on your sleep.

The Haleakala crater shortly after sunrise. The Apollo astronauts trained here for the moon landings because of its similarities to the moon surface. Looking at it it does seem like a different world.

This is all just one tree in Lahaina, Maui. It is a banyon tree that was planted in the 1870's and now shades about 3/4 acre.

This is a picture of the view outside of Cheeseburger In Paradise in the town of Lahaina on Maui. There is a web camera here so you can see a current picture of the sceen any time you want.

The Grand Canyon. I don't think I can add to what so many have already said about this sight, except maybe you really should see it yourself.


Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell, in Utah and Arizona. This is the largest natural bridge in the world. Now that Lake Powell was created, it is accessible by boat.

This is a rock formation in Northern Arizona. After years of wind, interesting patterns are formed.

This is a picture of some kind of model shoot in New York City. I was waiting for a Visa to be issued for a trip and was killing time outside the United Nations. They were setting up this shoot, and I decided to take a picture. Someone noticed I was taking a picture, and they actually moved out of the way. And people say that New Yorkers are all indifferent to others!!

This was taken right before a storm hit in Annapolis, MD. What is that they say about calmest before the storm?

This was taken right after the one above.

This was taken during the US Pro Cycling Championship in Philadelphia.

This was taken in Singapore. What a great country.

Ferrari is probably the most famous name in auto racing in the world. And it is no wonder after hearing and seeing them in action. A still picture, or even TV coverage, does them no justice.

Singapore is a country of contrasts: Old and Modern; European, Middle Eastern, and Far Eastern; Elegant and Simple. I think this picture shows some of these contrasts.

This photograph was also taken in Singapore. In this area of the city, cars are restricted, so bikes are not uncommon. There was still something about this man on the bicycle that intrigued me.

This is a mosaic mural in downtown Singapore. I was fascinated by both its beauty and pristine appearance. It was a couple of months later that a news story hit the papers here at home that made it clear how the people of Singapore feel about graffiti.


One of the most famous spots in American racing; the finish line at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. You can see the bricks left from past years when the entire track was paved in bricks, giving it its name "The Brickyard". I wish I could say that this picture was a perfect execution, but I have several frames where all you can see is the man and the track. Not even a part of the car made it into those pictures. But I think that this one made all of those worth it.


This was taken at a state park near where I lived several years ago. Just 15 miles or so from Philadelphia, but it seemed so far away.

This was taken at Zion National Park in Southern Utah. This is one of my favorite National Parks. Unlike the Grand Canyon and nearby Bryce Canyon, you enter the park at the base of the canyon. I feel that this gives you a feeling of being part of the park and not just an observer.