Cathy and Jeff's Olympic Adventure

Feb 7
Feb 8
Feb 9
They are going to the Olympics in Salt Lake City.

A few years ago, Cathy and a friend went to Utah for a week of skiing.  The International Olympic Committee was in the process of selecting the location for the 2002 Winter Olympics and Salt Lake City had the Olympic spirit displayed every where they turned.

When she got back, Cathy and Jeff decided that if Salt Lake City got the Olympics that they wanted to go. As you know, Salt Lake City did get the Olympics and in November 2000 they ordered their tickets and anxiously waited for the Olympics to arrive.  

Their wait has ended.  They leave on February 7 and return February 13.  While they are gone, they will be updating this web site with pictures and descriptions of what they do, so check back every day to see what they saw and did.


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